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ATL Series UL-Listed Smoke Control Panels

ATL Series UL-Listed Smoke Control Panels

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Automated Logic Modules used in hardwired ATL-series FSCS panels:

Controller unit with inputs and outputs = control module M16160.

Output  point expander = module MX1600 .

Input and Output point expander = module MX440 point expander or module MX880 point expander.

Automated Logic Modules used in serial ATL-series FSCS panels:

This is an an alternate construction that utilizes an Automation Displays Inc. Z-Card Microcontroller to communicate via ModBus protocol with any of the Automated Logic UUKL Listed routers (LGR1000, ME-LGR200 or Me812u-LGR) using Port S1 on the Automated Logic Controllers.  The Z-Card is Modicon Modbus RTU Master.


This four-page cutsheet describes the ATL serial interface: ATL-Series_Modbus_RTU.pdf