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HYW Series UL-Listed Smoke Control Panels

HYW Series UL-Listed Smoke Control Panels

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Note:  Please note the following Listed (UUKL) Honeywell International smoke control equipment can be installed in an ADI manufactured Firefighters' Smoke Control Station.  

Smoke control system consisting of Model R7044D and R74044E

Model Excel 5000 system consisting of Model Excel 10 (w7751E), Q7750A controller, Excel 20/20XD, 20CH, 20TW, Excel 80/80B, Excel 100/B/B2., 100CUUKL, non-dedicated system use only controllers, and 14507287-001thru 006 model power supplies.
Model W7053H series 10 Excel Building Supervisor/Excel 5000 system consisting of Model LattisLink 2800A, LattisRing 2705B, MAU-8229, MAU-8229-24VDC hubs and 14507669-001 monitor.

System 5000 consisting of the Model Excel 20/20XD, Excel 80, Excel 80B, Excel 100, Excel 100B, Excel 500, Excel 600 controllers, and 14507287-001 thru-007 power supplies.

Model W7503H Series 20, W7054A enterprise Buildings Integrator System consisting of the model Excel 500, Latronix Co-Box, Baystack 255 Ethernet Hub and Digi-card Communications Card.
Other Units that can also be used:
ADM-12 Q9200AOLINK XFL523 B 14507272
D2016 W7751B2020 XFL524 14507324
ECM+311 W7761A2010 XFL524 B 1400609R-047900
F2011 XFL521 XFR522 60157421-001
H2025 XFL521 B XFR524 60159617-011
MCD3 XFL522 XM100A  
MCE3 XFL522 B ZVM1360  
Q7750ELINK XFL523 14506944-001  



Honeywell UUKL Smoke Control Modules List :Honeywell_SmokeControlModules_UUKL.pdf