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ADI supports routine maintenance requirements with a supply of replacement parts.


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PB-202 Dual Touch Switch
This dual ADI touch switch has two independent switches similar to the PB100 switch. The two switches are mounted on 0.8 inch (20.32 mm) centers. The listed price for the P..
Z-Card connector set includes (2) 22/44 card edge connectors, (1) DB-9F serial port connector, (1) 26-pin parallel port connector with (1) package of ten crimp terminals. The 22..
PB-100 Touch Switch
PB100 switches are mounted behind the graphic film in Automation Displays control panel applications. They are designed to be versatile, reliable, and easily replaced without re..
NG Enclosures
The NG series of modular steel enclosures are designed for flexibility and rapid delivery. The NG part numbers give the dimensions (in inches) as height by width. For example, a ..