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Graphic Fire Alarm Panels

Our time tested, innovative, and user friendly control panels
are perfect for any data center, business, warehouse, maintenance yard ... you name it!

Graphic Fire Alarm Panels

  • UL 864 Signaling Panel listing is available for this type of annunciator Zone Alarms.
  • Custom Graphics, key areas are highlighted by using distinct colors
  • Colors for graphic image are selected from standard color chart containing over 40 colors
  • Designed to match your architectural requirements. Most popularsized enclosures, available flush or surface mount, with or without security door and viewing window. Size options:
    - 18x18
    - 18x24 / 24x18
    - 24x24
    - 24x36 / 36x24
    - 36x36
    - Unlimited Custom Sizes

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