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UL Smoke Panels

A properly designed smoke control system should inhibit or prevent the movement of smoke into areas leading to exits or other designated safe zones in a building.

Graphic Smoke Control Panel

  • UL 864 UUKL and UUKL-7 Listed smoke control panels. Smoke control by zone.
  • Switch control for fans and dampers.
  • LED Status indicators for fans, dampers, and trouble as required.
  • Custom Graphics, key areas are highlighted by using distinct colors.
  • Colors for graphic image are selected from standard color chart containing over 40 colors.
  • Designed to match your architectural requirements. Most popular sized enclosures, available flush or surface mount, with or without security door and viewing window. Size options:
    - 18x18
    - 18x24 / 24x18
    - 24x24
    - 24x36 / 36x24
    - 36x36
    - Unlimited Custom Sizes

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Our Past UL Smoke Panels

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