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Automation Displays, Inc. Expansion & Growth: New Building Announcement!

Since 1971, Automation Displays, Inc. has been providing the most comprehensive electrical control panel and display solutions in the industry. We specialize in Smoke Control, Detention & Security, Building Automation, and more. Our company has experienced unprecedented growth in the past 5 years as we continue to improve our products and build loyal relationships with new and existing customers. To honor our core values centered around innovation and ownership, we are excited to announce the expansion of our locally owned and operated Eau Claire location! Due to increased manufacturing demand and a growing staff, we have outgrown our old building and have begun building an all-new warehouse facility to accommodate our increasing engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Read more and find out how our new locational investment will make the ADi experience even better!

As Part of Our Commitment to Innovation, We're Expanding!

As an industry leader, ADi has specialized in custom electrical control panel and display solutions for over half a century. We combine the power of engineering excellence and custom manufacturing expertise for unmatched project solution capabilities. In addition to our proprietary product software, we fabricate and manufacture all our panels on-site to ensure superior quality and consistency. ADi has experienced substantial growth in the past 5 years as we expand our expertise to new industries and grow our internal sales and engineering team.

To accommodate our expanding customer base and increased manufacturing demands, ADi has begun finalizing our new project investment for an all-new manufacturing warehouse. After breaking ground in September 2022, our new warehouse will add an additional 23,000 sq./f designated specifically for panel fabrication and production. Working with Cedar Falls Building Systems, Inc. has allowed us to personalize our new building in relationship to the desired space, materials, and general aesthetic. Equipped with 24 ft side walls, this new building will be made with an exclusive Butler metal structure and Kingspan insulated metal panels.

Designed specifically for increased panel fabrication and manufacturing, ADi will now offer over 33,000 sq./f of total warehouse and office space to serve our growing customer base. We offer an unbeatable customer experience with our integrated engineering expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and forever support. From conceptual design to in-house testing, ADi specializes in custom panel, control, and display solutions built to your needs.

Located in the Chippewa Valley, we will continue ongoing renovation to our general office space over the next few years to upgrade all our buildings. As ADi progresses and continues to expand our specialized skill set and expertise, we’re excited to offer our customers unbeatable products and customer service in a bigger, better environment! Estimated completion will be in July 2023, and we can’t wait to embark on this new chapter of innovation and ownership!

Experience the ADi Difference.

Stay tuned for another update on the new building as we inch closer to completion this summer! Here at ADi, we’re extremely proud of the growth and progress we’ve experienced in recent years and can’t wait to expand our knowledge and loyal customer base. We believe in product excellence and superior customer service to offer the most comprehensive project solutions in the industry.

Visit us online and learn more about our services and the industry expertise we’ve been serving for over 50 years.


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Published May 3, 2023

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