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Firefighter's Smoke Control Station

Frequently found in large community centered buildings such as shopping centers or high rise buildings, this powerful and effective smoke control system protects human life and material property.

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Smoke Control - General Information

The smoke control panel is intended to be installed in conjunction with an engineered smoke control system. This system is typically a UL864-UUKL Listed Fire Alarm System (FAS,) or UL864-UUKL Listed Building Automation System (BAS.) It is also to be installed in conjunction with heating-ventilating-air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. This network of panels and equipment forms a clear strategy to control the flow of smoke during a fire. These guidelines are in accordance with NFPA 92, "Standard for Smoke-Control Systems," 2012 Edition.

The FSCS (Fire Fighters Smoke Control Station) is intended to provide the necessary manual control switches and status indicators for the facility equipment performing smoke control applications. This function and the interconnection to other smoke-control equipment, as well as HVAC equipment, is described in the installation documents provided by the FAS or BAS manufacturer. Each Smoke Control Panel is custom manufactured by Automation Displays, Inc. to meet the requirements of your unique project.

There are two types of smoke control systems.

  • Non-dedicated - A system that provides the building HVAC function under normal conditions and provides a smoke-control objective during a fire alarm condition.
  • Dedicated - A system which is normally inactive and is used exclusively for the purpose of smoke control.

Smoke control panels come mounted to an enclosure, and panel devices are wired to terminals or UUKL Listed electronics. Model series of the panel defines the UUKL Listed System interface. Graphic panel door depicts controlled smoke control equipment and areas served. LEDs (light emitting diodes) indicate status of the equipment, alarms, or zones. Typical LED groups are "On-Off-Fault," "Open-Close-Fault," and "Purge-Pressurize-Off". Panel Power LED confirms power to the panel is present. Color of LEDs varies by local building code. These guidelines are in accordance with UL864 and UUKL Listed standards.

Override control is provided by switches for zones, fans, dampers, doors, or other smoke control equipment. Typical switches will be labeled "On-Auto-Off," Open-Auto-Close", or "Purge-Auto-Pressurize-Off. Indicator lamps/ push buttons illuminate all status indicators and activate any audible alarms.

"Panel Enable" key switch or "Firefighter's" key switch is provided to limit access to the operation of other switches on the panel. "Panel Enable" key switch must be activated so other switches on the panel will operate. If the control panel is behind a lockable security cover, the "Panel Enable" switch is not required to be a key switch.

Audible Alarm is to activate when any Fault LED or other Alarm occurs. Alarm Silence key switch will cancel the Audible alarm. If the control panel is behind a lockable security cover, the silence switch is not required to be a key switch.

Automation Displays, Inc. Panels


Each panel is shipped with a unique set of documentation: a panel drawing with wire point assignments, a wiring block diagram, and an enclosure drawing. Operational instructions, panel functions, and interconnection to other smoke-control equipment and HVAC equipment are described in installation documents provided by the fire alarm system or building automation system manufacturer.

Panel Installation

Panel enclosure should be securely mounted. All wiring to the FSCS panel should be in conduit. Flush mount enclosures may have knockouts for wire access. Surface mount enclosures have no knockouts and will require on site access hole installation. Maximum wiring distance for unsupervised wires is 20 feet.
See FSCS installation document for wiring information.


Markings describe the smoke control panel and are located on the inside or back side. Smoke control panel markings include:

  • Manufacturer Name
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Date of manufacture
  • UL Model Series defining the Smoke Control Systems interface
  • Power Rating
  • Location (Indoor/Dry Only)
  • Intended Use (UL864 -UUKL Listed 9th Edition Firefighter's Smoke Control Station in accordance with NFPA 70, 72, 92)

The FSCS and Smoke Control System should be approved by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

FSCS Control Panels

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