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Automation Displays’ Mosaic Mimic Panels are the most affordable and durable solution for the representation and control of processes.  

Easily and cost-effectively make changes to your control system post-commissioning with an Automation Displays Mosaic Mimic Panel. 


Full system visibility, change flexibility, low maintenance costs, and low lifetime ownership costs make our Mosaic Mimic Panels a preferred control system for mission-critical environments with 24/7/365 operation.  These panels offer maximum dependability and versatility. Our Mosaic Mimic Panels have been installed worldwide and come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty and lifelong service.   

Our Mosaic Mimic Panels are built with an aluminum grid system for rigid and durable support of our 24mm x 24mm and 48mm x 48mm tiles. Each tile is interchangeable within the grid; so, when your process, system, annunciator, or controls change, tiles can be added or rearranged to accurately reflect the new system. 

Best of all, these changes can be made in house, with no evidence of modification. We will create the new tiles and controls needed, ship them to the site and provide very simple installation instructions.

You save precious time and money!


The most common industries that demand Mosaic Mimic Panels include but are not limited to:

-  Oil

-  Gas

-  Chemical

-  Transit

-  Nuclear and Power

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