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Our custom electronics are efficient and built to last.

Customizable Electronics


Whether you have a legacy control system or a state of the art building automation system, an ADi electronic interface will allow you to Take Control of your process, system, or building.


Our line of customizable electronics will simplify your control, display, or annunciation requirements.  We have been designing and building customized electronics that have served in the most demanding applications since the mid 1980s.


You will find our electronics in offshore oil platforms, manufacturing lines, high schools, universities, national labs, arenas, stadiums, hospitals, jails, multi story high rise buildings, and landmark buildings.    











Touch screen interfaces

ADi provides industry leading graphics in touch screen control panels ranging from 5” to 72” with standard industrial interface protocols.  Our robust touch screen panels are available in resistive, light, and capacitive touch technologies to meet a variety of applications.

ADi control boards CLIPPED.png
Annunciator internal CLIPPED.png

ADi Z-Card Industrial Controller

Our Z-Card Industrial Controller and family of accessories are scalable, reliable, and use industry standard protocols allowing you to Take Control of your building, process, or system.  This is a reliable and proven system with 1000’s of installations throughout the world in applications as diverse as Oil Platform Shutdown Panels to a general Alarm Annunciator Panel.  








Features and Benefits

  • ADi’s Z-Card interfaces with both legacy and current protocols, including ModBus RTU & Ascii, BacNet/IP, SNMP, JCI proprietary interfaces, Omron Host Link, GE RTU, and Siemens proprietary interfaces. 

  • Industry leading I/O density with 80 points of discrete I/O on board

  • Serial hardware interfaces RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, and ethernet available as an option

  • Scaleable through expansion cards and Z-Net network up to 3200 outputs and 2560 inputs

  • Touch screen interface available for direct interface with Z-Card

  • UL 864 UUKL listed for Smoke Control and UL 864 UOXX listed for Fire Alarm Signaling

  • A family of accessory boards to expand functionality

    • 80 point digital input expansion card 

    • 80 point digital output expansion card (5-24V)

    • 40 point relay output card

    • 40 point relay input card

    • Multi tone annunciator card


Annunciator Cards

ADi has a family of annunciator cards for a variety of audible and visual signaling applications


  • Multi-Tone Audible Alarm Annunciator Cards

  • 15 Point Latching Pulse Card to latch in independent momentary alarms 

  • 18 Point annunciator cards


Access Control and Alarming

ADi has been helping customers Take Control of access to buildings, jails, and schools since the 1970s and has a portfolio of robust products.


  • Door breach alarm annunciation cards

  • 120 VAC and 24VDC transistor and relay door control cards

door breach alarm annunciation cards
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