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Automation Displays’ Panels have been protecting human life and property since its founding. Our Smoke Control, Smoke Purge, and Mechanical Test and Inspection Panels are designed specifically to work in conjunction with your on-site control system. Our custom microcontroller makes connecting our panels to your Building Automation System controller as simple as one single cable. To learn more about our microcontroller and how it communicates with your system, please refer to our “Data Sheets” or “Custom Electronics” page.  





Each of our smoke control panels offer a clear indication of status and operation of life safety devices such as fans, dampers, motorized doors, etc. Your custom smoke panel will be designed to meet your local fire code and AHJ requirements. There are no limitations to size, quantity of controls, colors, etc. and our panels offer I/O density that cannot be beat!


Our Smoke Control Panels are designed to meet the UL 864 UUKL requirements and include UL 864 UUKL Listing. We include the following UL required panel devices, lamp test pushbutton, panel enable key switch, panel power on LED, Communications Fault LED, System Fault LED, Audible Alarms for fault indication, key switch for silencing, and firmware for alarming. Our panel devices are wired to our serial interface that allows expansion and easy installation.


Our fire alarm graphic annunciators have been assisting during fire emergencies since 1975. An ADi fire annunciator assists an operator in quickly detecting where a fire or alarm has occurred with in your facility or campus. This reduces the response time during an emergency.


Our fire alarm graphic annunciator is a smart investment in saving lives and property. 


An ADi fire alarm graphic annunciator includes a clear and precise design layout of your facility floor plan or campus. Our engineers work directly with you to ensure that all serviced areas are represented and clearly defined to ensure it meets your expectations.


We offer UL 864 UOXX listed panels to meet code requirements. UL listed fire alarm panels manufactured by ADi can be used with any UL Listed fire alarm system. The annunciator LEDs can be wired to terminal blocks or LED driver cards. 

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Automation Displays’ Smoke Purge panels assist to get you back up and running quickly after a fire emergency by tying directly into your Building Automation System using BACnet and Modbus protocols. Automation Displays’ Post Fire Purge panels provide a cost effective means of purging your facility of smoke after the fire has been diminished. 


Our engineers will design a custom graphic representation of the facility and areas being serviced. An ADi panel is designed specific to your specifications with no limitations to color, size or components. ADi offers relay logic and PLC based post fire purge panel for smaller sites without a building automation system. 




Automation Displays’ extensive experience working globally, understanding of local jurisdictions, and our robust design process ensures your panel meets your code requirements. 


Special Jurisdictions may include but are not limited to Mechanical and Inspection Panel requirements, unique key specifications, backup power, tamper proof security door. 



Frequently found in large community centered buildings such as shopping centers or high rise buildings, this powerful and effective smoke control system protects human life and material property.



The smoke control panel is intended to be installed in conjunction with an engineered smoke control system. This system is typically a UL864-UUKL Listed Fire Alarm System (FAS,) or UL864-UUKL Listed Building Automation System (BAS.) It is also to be installed in conjunction with heating-ventilating-air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. This network of panels and equipment forms a clear strategy to control the flow of smoke during a fire. These guidelines are in accordance with NFPA 92, "Standard for Smoke-Control Systems," 2012 Edition.

The FSCS (Fire Fighters Smoke Control Station) is intended to provide the necessary manual control switches and status indicators for the facility equipment performing smoke control applications. This function and the interconnection to other smoke-control equipment, as well as HVAC equipment, is described in the installation documents provided by the FAS or BAS manufacturer. Each Smoke Control Panel is custom manufactured by Automation Displays, inc. to meet the requirements of your unique project.


  • Non-dedicated - A system that provides the building HVAC function under normal conditions and provides a smoke-control objective during a fire alarm condition.


  • Dedicated - A system which is normally inactive and is used exclusively for the purpose of smoke control.

Smoke control panels come mounted to an enclosure, and panel devices are wired to terminals or UUKL Listed electronics. Model series of the panel defines the UUKL Listed System interface.


Graphic panel door depicts controlled smoke control equipment and areas served. LEDs (light emitting diodes) indicate status of the equipment, alarms, or zones. Typical LED groups are "On-Off-Fault," "Open-Close-Fault," and "Purge-Pressurize-Off".


Panel Power LED confirms power to the panel is present. Color of LEDs varies by local building code. These guidelines are in accordance with UL864 and UUKL Listed standards.

Override control is provided by switches for zones, fans, dampers, doors, or other smoke control equipment. Typical switches will be labeled "On-Auto-Off," Open-Auto-Close", or "Purge-Auto-Pressurize-Off. Indicator lamps/ push buttons illuminate all status indicators and activate any audible alarms.

"Panel Enable" key switch or "Firefighter's" key switch is provided to limit access to the operation of other switches on the panel. "Panel Enable" key switch must be activated so other switches on the panel will operate. If the control panel is behind a lockable security cover, the "Panel Enable" switch is not required to be a key switch.

Audible Alarm is to activate when any Fault LED or other Alarm occurs. Alarm Silence key switch will cancel the Audible alarm. If the control panel is behind a lockable security cover, the silence switch is not required to be a key switch.



Pressurized stairwells and floor exhaust systems are just two of the features in a high rise building's smoke control system.


Rest assured the occupants of your multistory building will be safe with an Automation Displays, inc. smoke control system.

Every smoke control panel built at ADi is centered around the requirements set by local building codes and on the occupancy of the building.

Modern Buildings


From warehouses and arenas to ballrooms and convention centers, smoke control panels in large areas ensure the safety of their occupants.



The intent is to hold smoke six feet or more above floor level to allow occupants a clear view to exits and the time needed to exit the building.

Typical Smoke Control Systems will employ large exhaust fans and/or air handling units. Other air sources may include opening doors or windows.



In a building where you cannot simply open a window to let smoke out, the emphasis of installing a high quality control panel is imperative.



Institutional Type 3 Occupancy refers to facilities where the occupants are not free to leave the building.

By holding smoke six feet or more above floor level, a detention center smoke control system allows prison staff the time to safely escort detainees from the building.

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