Pressurized stairwells and floor exhaust systems are just two of the features in a high rise building's smoke control system.


Rest assured the occupants of your multistory building will be safe with an Automation Displays Inc. smoke control system.

Every smoke control panel built at ADI is centered around the requirements set by local building codes and on the occupancy of the building.


From warehouses and arenas to ballrooms and convention centers, smoke control panels in large areas ensure the safety of their occupants.



The intent is to hold smoke six feet or more above floor level to allow occupants a clear view to exits and the time needed to exit the building.

Typical Smoke Control Systems will employ large exhaust fans and/or air handling units. Other air sources may include opening doors or windows.



In a building where you cannot simply open a window to let smoke out, the emphasis of installing a high quality control panel is imperative.



Institutional Type 3 Occupancy refers to facilities where the occupants are not free to leave the building.

By holding smoke six feet or more above floor level, a detention center smoke control system allows prison staff the time to safely escort detainees from the building.


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