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Find Out How ADi Can Customize Your Next Electrical Control Panel or Display Solution!

As part of our pledge to manufacturing excellence, ADi features a completely customizable on-site Industrial Series (IS) CNC Router for limitless design potential. Our innovative manufacturing equipment and processing provide solutions no one else can.

Since our original founding, Automation Displays, Inc. has been setting the industry standard for Graphic Control Panels in Process Control and Mass Transit within both domestic and global markets. Over the last 5 decades, ADi has now become the automatic choice for integrators worldwide for custom business solutions in Electrical Control Panels, Smoke Control, Annunciators, Environmental Control, and more. Our simple 7-step guide to request a quote and submit a project evaluation mean you’re in control for any custom design solutions you desire across a wide variety of business, manufacturing, construction, and automation industries worldwide.

We combine exclusive engineering expertise, custom manufacturing capabilities, and forever support to provide customers with unmatched accommodation from start to finish. ADi demonstrates ownership and innovation from initial contact through final delivery to produce superior customer service and quality products every time. We unite fabrication and excellence through our on-site graphics shop, dedicated assembly line, and remote CNC router to put the power of design in your hands. ADi has a world-wide footprint and has spent the last 50 years building an unbeatable reputation founded on respect, ownership, and innovation. Loyal customers include Distech Controls, Schneider Electric, Amazon Web Services, Reliable Controls, and many more. We take pride in the ability to supply our customers with the most comprehensive and customizable solutions on the market.

Learn more about our specialized skill set and manufacturing expertise ready to take your next project solution to the next level.

Put the Power of Design at Your Fingertips With Our On-Site IS Series CNC Router

Our commitment to simplicity and unmatched accommodation extends to our dedicated team of sales, software, and m anufacturing experts as well as the cutting-edge technology and equipment we utilize on a daily basis. Supplying our customers with innovative and customizable project solutions is at the heart of what we represent. In addition to a dedicated assembly line and graphics department, our top of the line IS 510 CNC Router provides unparalleled precision and ensures comprehensive design accuracy and fabrication capabilities.

This industrial grade IS series features the most advanced Drive Technology – including Anti-Backlash Ball Screws and “Whip Free” Technology. Proudly made and manufactured in the US, the IS 510 combines precision cutting quality and machine accuracy with Advanced Mitsubishi AC Digital Servo Motors and Glass Encoder Technology. With no rack or pinion drives, this Machine Tool Grade CNC Router offers immense design and dimension possibilities.

Built to last and outperform comparative machine processing solutions, the IS 510 is specifically designed for high production volumes, frequent use, and heavy cutting application with guaranteed precision every time. From nested-based manufacturing to one-off fabrication, we have the team and equipment needed to meet all your custom business need’s. Differentiated sizing in 4x8, 5x10, or 6x12 accommodate a wide variety of custom electrical control panel, enclosures, or display solution designs and specifications. With a standard 2100IPM Rapid Speed, efficiency and systematic fabrication discount construction time and increase overall warehouse productivity. FEA Engineered and Tested, increased floor contact adds additional rigidity and better vibration control. The AC Digital Closed Loop Servo Motors ensure higher speeds, increased accuracy, and less maintenance for simplified manufacturing and fabrication.

In addition to its incredible performance and speed, the IS 510 is powered 100% by over-sized ball drive systems with a Dual Driven Y Axis and Anti-Whip Technology. Tool Measure Technology ensures premium product quality and precision with superior edge and corner finishing. Integrated hard pipe connection for increased air flow provide quick and easy zone control through preferred Vacuum Performance. By increasing surface flow by over 50%, the IS 510 HiFlow Vacuum Technology results in higher holding pressures and better performance. Using the latest CNC Bearing Technology, Linear Guide Rails and Bearings assure clean surfaces, increased rigidity, and reduced maintenance. Our dedicated and trained technicians demonstrate proficient software expertise, design application, and equipment knowledge for smooth construction and overall quality.

Automation Displays, Inc. is an Industry Leader in Custom Electrical Control and Display Solutions with more than 50 Years of Experience.

By combining superior fabrication capabilities and outstanding product excellence, ADi continues to offer the most comprehensive and customizable electrical control panels and display solutions on the market. Our demonstrated expertise in Smoke Control, Detention & Security Systems, and Graphic Control Panels applied with our innovative manufacturing practices guarantee your next project solution will withstand any environment and extend to any design, specification, or dimensions needed to fit your demands. For more than 50 years, Automation Displays, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing superior service and quality products with standard lifetime support.

Request a quote today and ensure your next project solution is done right through the promise of unmatched accommodation only ADi can offer.


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Published March 17th, 2023

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