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Innovation and Industry Expertise: What Makes ADi Your Premier Partner for Electrical Control and Display Solutions

Simplify your next electrical control and display panel solution with Automation Displays. Unmatched accommodation, forever remote technical support, and engineering expertise guarantees your panel is built to last with a dedicated team you can trust. From custom controls to standardized manufacturing, ADi is the automatic choice for integrators worldwide with quality products and outstanding service.

As the automatic choice for integrators worldwide, Automation Displays is your premier partner for electrical control and display solutions. With over 50 years of industry experience and engineering excellence, our specialized processes and respected reputation mean your custom project is in trusted hands. From design to fabrication, our comprehensive mechanical, electrical, programming, and manufacturing capabilities provide a level of service and solutions like no one else. From Smoke Control to High-Volume Manufacturing, our commitment to innovation, unmatched accommodation, and forever remote technical support puts your project demands first.

Find out how ADi can support your next project.

Unmatched Accommodation:

One of the founding principles of ADi remains our unwavering commitment to unmatched accommodation. From conception to completion, ADi goes above and beyond to understand and address each customers unique demands and project goals. Our team of experts collaborate closely with each client to gain insight into their project requirements, certifications, and goals. ADi understands that custom panel design is not your expertise, it is ours. From custom one-off panels to high-volume production, we service a wide variety of application and industry needs.


ADi places great emphasis on transparency and communication to achieve success in every project. With dedicated engineering, manufacturing, and sales support, we foster relationships through trust and collaboration. With over 50 years of industry expertise, ADi creates trusted partnerships built on excellence and dependability.

Forever Remote Technical Support:

With over half a century of experience and product development, ADi has proudly offered free forever remote technical support on every panel for the life of that panel. Founded in 1971, ADi has designed, manufactured, and distributed over 50,000 panels in a wide variety of industries including Smoke Control, Building Management, Security & Detention, Data Centers, and more. Our commitment to forever remote technical support is a pledge that goes beyond conventional limits of post-project assistance and assurance. As technology and industry standards evolve, clients can remain confident that technical support for an ADi panel will be available indefinitely.

Forever remote technical support by ADi is a standard service provided to every customer to ensure project success through all stages. Our responsive team of technical advisors, engineers, and sales representatives assist every customer to guarantee they receive the appropriate industry updates, improvements, and/or all system integrations required. As the automatic choice for integrators and installers worldwide, our quality products and forever remote technical support mean a panel from ADi is a panel for life.

Engineering Expertise

The core of ADi’s success is reflective through the team of engineering experts ready to take on any project. From conceptualization to execution, ADi’s engineering experts exhibit a mastery of their craft, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of quality and innovation. Dedicated mechanical, electrical, and software engineers offer a level of unparalleled project management during and after completion.


The depth and on-demand availability of engineering expertise enable ADi to tackle complex challenges and projects with confidence. Our electrical and software engineers specialize in a variety of in-house control designs, signaling systems, PLC/HMI programming, embedded firmware development, and UWP application development. Whether it’s designing custom display solutions, optimizing electrical systems for efficiency, or integrating to the latest upgrade, ADi is at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Technical advisors, including a former Cray Computer chip designer, ensure each panel from ADi is crafted with quality and your project’s specific needs in mind.

ADi has built its success and solid reputation through long-standing relationships with OEMs, installers, integrators, and mechanical systems all across the globe. Furthermore, ADi invests in ongoing technological training, equipment, and product development to foster continuous growth. Customers benefit from ADi sourced solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future trends and advancements.


In the competitive landscape of electrical control and display solutions, ADi rises above by offering unmatched accommodation, forever remote technical support, and unparallel engineering expertise. ADi’s commitment to collaboration, transparency, and communication guarantees success for every project. Our comprehensive team of engineering advisors and sales experts understand the industry challenges and requirements each project encompasses. Providing customers with the most innovative products and respected service has been a company standard since 1971.


Ready to take control of your next project? Request a free quote and experience the difference ADi can make during your next project today!


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Published January 31, 2024

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