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Learn How Automation Displays, Inc. Saves You Time & Money on Your Next Control Panel

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Automation Displays, Inc. is the automatic choice for integrators worldwide with our one-of-a-kind business solution centered around simplicity and seamless integration.

From skyscrapers to shopping malls, Automation Displays, Inc. has the experience you need to get the job done right in a wide range of market industries and building protocols. ADi’s combined engineering expertise, unique manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to forever support an unparalleled approach to project management and solutions. Custom programing, on-site panel fabrication, and comprehensive maintenance make ADi a distinguished partner dedicated to customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

We understand that comprehensive system integration remains a huge pain point in both local and large businesses whether you’re updating old electronic systems or upgrading to a more contemporary solution.

ADi serves a global customer base with more than 50 years of trusted experience in a variety of industries ranging from Building Automation, Oil & Gas, Smoke Control, and more.

Our commitment to streamlined simplicity and unmatched accommodation make ADi an industry leader in electrical controls and display solutions across the world. With an ADi designed and manufactured electrical panel or display solution, you can feel confident that your building, manufacturing line, system process, or network is fully streamlined saving valuable time and money.

ADi is changing the standard in customized electrical and display solutions with our innovative approach to unmatched accommodation and lifetime support. While other competitors focus on their bottom line, we build relationships and create value for the ultimate customer experience.

ADi is a UL508 certified panel manufacturer capable of taking on any size project. Our unique capabilities surrounding custom electrical control panel programming and custom enclosure design offer unlimited possibilities for you next project solution. NEMA-approved custom enclosures are crafted to your specific needs and constructed from aluminum, cold rolled steel, or stainless steel for any environment. From a custom one-off electrical panel to a run of 100 panels, we culminate high-quality, long-lasting electrical panels meant to stand the test of time.

ADi's expertly crafted custom electrical control panels save you time and money with seamless integration and lifetime support.

Our innovative engineering expertise, personalized manufacturing capabilities, and commitment to unmatched accommodation let you take control of your next project. Dependable service and quality products have made ADi the automatic choice for integrators worldwide for over half a century. Automation Displays’ extensive experience working both locally and globally give an inside perspective and understanding of local jurisdiction including Mechanical and Inspection Panel requirements, unique key specifications, backup power, and tamper proof security doors.


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Published February 28, 2023


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