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Unmatched Accommodation and Simplicity: Learn More About ADi and Our Commitment to Excellence

Here at Automation Displays, Inc. we’ve built our company around the core values of unmatched accommodation, forever support, and simplicity.

For over 50 years, we have created a long line of sustainable and loyal business relationships founded on respect, ownership, innovation, and contribution to offer custom project solutions no one else can. Proud partners include AWS, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Distech, Trane, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, and more. ADi supplies system integrators and installers in a wide variety of specialized interests, including building automation, detention and security access control, fire signaling, oil and gas, and industrial control industries.

From conception to completion, ADi designs and manufactures all our products directly from our internal headquarters located in Eau Claire, WI. We foster local growth on a global scale, providing custom business solutions across the world both domestically and internationally with specialized knowledge and expertise. Our commitment to providing superior customer service, outstanding project solutions, and quality products designed to last the test of time have made us an industry leader in custom electrical control panels and display solutions. Find out how our integrated innovative engineering and manufacturing processes can take your next project solution to the next level.

Since 1971, ADi has had a vision to offer customers quality products with unmatched accommodation for an unbeatable experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our loyal brand heritage, specialized engineering expertise, and technical experience offer a personalized experience like no other. We have certified expertise in a wide range of industries project solutions including Electrical Control Panels, Smoke Control, Post Fire Smoke Purge, Annunciators, Detention & Security Graphic Panels, and more. We’re proud to offer specialized product services and accredited engineering solutions for unlimited project capabilities. We combine the power of trusted engineering expertise, on-site manufacturing capabilities, and forever support to produce the most comprehensive customer experience centered around our dedication to unmatched accommodation and simplicity.

Over the last 5 decades, ADi has sustained loyal customer relationships through our proven track record and credible experience. We offer unbeatable expertise and knowledge in a diverse range of industry standards and protocols, including UL508, UL864, U0XX, UUKL, and ISO-27001. We combine exclusive engineering expertise, custom manufacturing capabilities, and forever support to provide customers with unmatched accommodation from start to finish. Our fully customizable processes, systems and building controls put the power in your hands. Automation Displays, Inc. is dedicated to offering the most innovative technology on the market with seamless integration to save you time and money.

Certified Engineering and Manufacturing Experts Ready to Handle Your Toughest Project Solution

At ADi, we unite the power of mechanical and software engineering to offer seamless and comprehensive project solutions centered around each customers individual needs. Designed on-site with customizable metal fabrication and enclosures, our designated mechanical engineering team ensure premium quality and accurate fabrication specifications every time. As part of our pledge to manufacturing excellence and innovation, we feature a completely customizable on-site Industrial Series (IS) CNC Router for limitless design capabilities.

We provide the trusted experience and quality products you deserve to ensure excellence and premium service. With personalized application evaluations, custom panel design, and live system testing, our specialized services and team of industry-leading experts provide a competitive edge others can’t offer. From standard design portfolios to custom sizing and construction, we do it all.

In addition to our outstanding product quality and manufacturing capabilities, we also provide unmatched expertise and software programming to make communication and system protocol integration seamless and simple. Our proprietary Z-Card Micro-Controller easily configures a wide range of input and output requirements in a variety of protocols. Our Z-Card can be configured as an 80-point output card to drive LEDs or small relays with an additional 40-40 split between input and output points for ultimate efficiency. To expand capabilities and program processing, our Z-Card can also use multiple 80-point I/O boards by allowing the card to drive additional I/O devices through additional expansions connectors. This ADi exclusive is compatible and in compliance under UL Listings, including UL 864 UUKL Component-listed under UL files S1793.

Our specialized team is well versed in industry leading software, electrical, and mechanical protocols and systems for ultimate support. We specialized in embedded, industrial, and network control programming in several industrial protocols, languages, signaling and PLC’s. ADi provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in a variety of fields and custom project solutions with the expertise and experience you can trust. We offer custom enclosure design, interface circuit configuration, and in-house touchscreen graphic design to ensure complete satisfaction and quality control.

Through our innovative manufacturing processes and specialized engineering services, ADi continues to be an industry leader in custom electrical control panels and display solutions for business leaders worldwide. Our proven experience and loyal customer base have created a superior brand heritage you can depend on. We continue to build and maintain relationships with OEMs, installers, and integrators of electrical and mechanical systems both locally and global with unmatched customer service and product excellence.

With a Custom Electrical Control Panel or Display Solution From ADi, You Can Count On Quality and Great Customer Care

With an ADi designed and manufactured electrical control panel or display solution, you can take complete control of your next building, manufacturing, system, or networking project with confidence. Our loyal customer base, certified experts, and on-site manufacturing equipment guarantee your next project solution will be made with quality products and a team you can trust. We’re committed to offering an unparalleled experience based on respect, ownership, and innovation to provide the most contemporary project solutions and customer service on the market. Seamless program integration, forever support, and specialized services make the ability to customize any project easy and hassle-free.

We take pride in our quality products, industry expertise, and personalized services to provide unmatched accommodation from start to finish. For nearly half a century, Automation Displays, Inc. has been the automatic choice for integrators worldwide for unbeatable project solutions and superior service.

Learn more about Automation Displays, Inc. and our accredited history of expertise by visiting us online or calling 715.834.9595 for more information from one of our dedicated account managers. Submit a free RFQ today and experience the difference unmatched accommodation and specialized expertise can make!


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Published April 4, 2023

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